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Why you need a crisis communications plan — before it's too late

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Oregon Business Plan gathering feedback for 2019 legislative session

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The Secretary of State, Corporation Division presents several business information resources, including the Business Xpress portal and, of course, this guide. Many state agencies worked to provide information on government registration and licensing requirements. A crisis can sink a business, or it can paint an honest picture of organizational evolution and development.

The outcome depends on how a crisis team operates. “Have a plan; have a team,” Weinstein says. Since the Oregon Business Plan has been the state’s principal economic development forum.

Its signature event is the annual Leadership Summit that draws more than 1, business, elected, civic, and nonprofit leaders to identify and vet issues critical to Oregon’s economy and life.

Oregon Secretary of State

The Business Plan is a joint venture of the Oregon Business Council (OBC), Oregon Business & Industry (OBI), and the Portland Business Alliance (PBA).

Project management for the Plan is provided by the OBC. The title was “Facing Oregon’s Fiscal Crisis” and the goal was to gather feedback for a partnership known as the Oregon Business Plan, which will use that to create a series of proposals for the legislative session.

Rural Opportunity Initiative is a strategy to unify and strengthen existing business development resources to build rural prosperity. Eleven rural communities received funding to support entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Oregon business plan clusterstock
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