William griffith wilson co founder of alcoholic

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William Griffith Wilson

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Bill Wilson

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William Walker: The diver who saved the Cathedral; Izaak Walton: Biographer and angler; Donate Now > NEWS Matter and Spirit A Celebration of Recovery Go to News. Bill Wilson: Co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and also of the visit of a certain Bill Wilson to Winchester Cathedral.

American businessman and visionary, best known as a co-founder of the mutual-help group Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Together with Dr. Bob Smith, Wilson founded AA as a safe haven for those who suffered from alcoholism, and in so doing created one of the landmark organizations of modern times, which in the past 70 years has touched countless millions of lives.

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She spoke at a memorial service yesterday afternoon at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine for William Griffith Wilson, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, who died Jan In the tradition of the group whose inspiration he was, Mr. Wilson was known during his life as Bill W.

The future founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, “William Griffith Wilson was born on November 26,in a room behind a bar about 3 am on a wintry morning.” (Pass It On, p. 13) Bill’s mother had emotional problems and a low tolerance for stress.

William Griffith Wilson: Co-Founder of Alcoholic Anonymous Essay William Griffith Wilson, also known as Bill Wilson, or Bill W. was born on November 26, in Dorset, Vermont. He was brought into the world at the home and business of his parents Emily and .

William griffith wilson co founder of alcoholic
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Biography of Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous